Helping leaders & emerging leaders Move to be More.

Through personal and corporate life coaching, Sherell Diane helps emerging leaders, teams, and individuals get more out of their personal and professional lives.

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Coaching for direction, success and a fuller life

Humans are born with more than enough potential to fulfil their unique purpose in life, yet so few do. Most people merely exist rather than truly live, never experiencing the joy and satisfaction of a life well-lived.

I understand the power of limiting circumstances and beliefs. Move to be More exists to help individuals realise that they are more than how they see themselves, more than their faults, and more than their limits.To help people find their direction, keep moving forward and keep becoming more.

So that each and every person can claim their rightful place in a world that needs them.

Get more out of your personal and professional life.

I offer Life Coaching & Restorative Retreats for individuals and Consulting & Advisory for professionals. I have a particular passion for working with emerging leaders.

For Individuals:

  • Enneagram Coaching - ICF Accredited
  • Integral Coaching - ICF Accredited
  • Results Coaching Systems - ICF Accredited
  • Restorative Retreats

For Corporates:

  • Facilitation
  • Culture Architecture
  • Strategy Integration
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Because I have over two decades of experience navigating workplace dynamics as a first-time manager, middle manager, senior manager and several in-between kind of manager roles.

Oh, and specialist / subject matter expert or center of excellence roles. Some of them were a breeze, and some of them were, let’s say, in hindsight, my precious teaching experiences.

My mission is to help emerging leaders find “the way” for themselves, and then, take lead of “the way”, their way.

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I help people like you realise their full potential

"My journey with Sherell is something I would hold near my heart forever."

  • Mine du Toit

    Together we walked through my past and worked through my thoughts and fears which helped me now to walk through life with such confidence and boldness. She created such a calm environment and with her sincere voice I always felt at ease and at home. Something she said that I will never forget is that offence is always taken, never given.

"Coaching with Sherell created fundamental shifts for me personally and professionally."

  • Kgabo Hlaisi
    HR Manager - SEF

    Few years later on my coaching list with you, I finally did it 🤩😍 this day was dedicated to you and the commitment I made to myself. Better late than never. 🙏

She has helped me develop as an executive over a group of companies..."

  • Tasha Bezuidenhout
    Head of Legal (LLB)

    I would highly recommend and endorse Sherell (Move To Be More) for any individual looking to grow or wanting to invest in themselves and their needs. Sherell is passionate, dynamic and invested in the growth and happiness of her clients. I have grown leaps and bounds professionally and personally. She has helped me develop as an executive over a group of companies and developed me personally to be more self-aware of my needs and happiness. Sherell materially impacted my life in so many ways and I will forever be grateful to her.

"I really enjoyed working with Sherell and got a lot of value from our sessions."

  • Ronel van der Walt
    CEO - Legadima Human Capital

    She is organised, professional, and is able to empathise because of her unique life experiences.
    It’s not always easy, there will be introspection and homework, but Sherell was supportive through the process.

    I have seen a lot of personal growth since we started working together. She helped me find the strength to make the changes I needed to make for myself.

    I can confidently recommend Sherell as a life coach. She has added tremendous value to who I am today.

"She helped me gain clarity where I was going in both my professional & personal life. "

  • Sandra de Abreu
    Business Owner - Kumon

    When I had my first coaching session with Sherell, I did not know what to expect …. What I received was more than I expected.
    She helped me with gaining clarity about what I wanted and where I was going in both my professional and personal life. She held me accountable for my goals and made me realize that true growth does not come from living in your comfort zone but rather by pursuing goals that scare you. Thank you, Sherell, for challenging me to be better.

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